What makes for a healthy information ecosystem? New visual tool

By Courtney Radsch (Consultant)
Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 15.41.57.png

Mis and disinformation is undermining development and good governance efforts around the globe. Traditional media models are having to be rethought. There are competing visions for the governance of the web. These and many other issues are on the minds of different stakeholders, including TAI members. Many responses are underway, but how do they fit together, if at all?

TAI has partnered with Dr. Courtney Radsch to map out a vision of what makes for a healthy information ecosystem. This visual and supporting explanation is an analytical tool that shows multidimensional aspects of an information ecosystem that can be used at various levels of analysis. It encourages us to look at how the system functions as a whole, with a focus on the interconnectedness and dependencies of its components and how these shape flows of information

We hope this can spark conversations on how to build a healthy system and assure that different elements of programming are mutually reinforcing.


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