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The Othering and Belonging Institute has a Research Toolkit designed for organizers to support change strategies using processes that center local community knowledge.

Tue Mar 26 2024 Read More

The Women Environmental Human Rights Defenders says funders must become and view themselves as our partners. They point to existing funding mechanisms reflecting this approach, as environmental justice and women’s funds emerge from the movements they seek to support.

Tue Mar 26 2024 Read More

Segal Family Foundation’s Equitable Giving Toolkit offers resources on why and how to find and fund locally-led organizations.

Tue Mar 26 2024 Read More

Only 13% of international grant dollars from U.S. foundations go directly to organizations based in the country where programs are implemented. To help address this, Justice Funds has created a bi-weekly newsletter that aggregates grant funding opportunities for activists in the Global South.

Tue Mar 26 2024 Read More

Flaviano Bianchini, after almost 20 years of working as an activist in the field, and after almost 12 years of being the founder and director of an international NGO, shares examples of what a donor should NOT do.

Tue Mar 19 2024 Read More

Recent years have seen a growth in private philanthropy as a source of funding for development. But which foundations are leading the charge? And what are their unique priorities?

Mon Mar 18 2024 Read More
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