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In an exciting step forward, the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) is proud to announce our rebranding as the Trust, Accountability and Inclusion Collaborative – Funders for Participatory Governance. This transformation is the result of extensive reflection and alignment with our mission, our members' priorities, and the ever-evolving landscape of global governance and philanthropy.

"Trust and inclusion are cornerstones of any agenda that tracks towards social justice and effective, accountable government. Similarly, collaboration is a cornerstone of effective philanthropy and development cooperation. This rebrand captures these two truths." Anthony Bebbington, TAI´s Chair, Ford Foundation

Why the change?

The new name aligns with our funder members’ priorities, values, and narratives in today’s challenging global context. It recognizes how thinking and practice have continued to evolve since TAI was first founded in 2010.

We are grateful to count among our members some of the most influential and dedicated grantmaking organizations in the governance sector and at the intersection with economic, social and climate justice. The name reflects the priorities of both philanthropic and bilateral donors invested in strengthening democratic governance. Trust, accountability and inclusion are both the themes of our international grantmaking, i.e., “what we fund,” and values that we seek to demonstrate through our grantmaking practice - “how we fund.”

As TAI members and secretariat, we remain steadfast in our dedication to advancing a democratic world where power and resources are distributed more equitably, where individuals are informed and empowered, where governments and the corporate sector are open and responsive, and where collective action advances the public good. 

As the evidence overwhelmingly shows, over the long term, more open and inclusive states and societies tend to be more prosperous, effective, and resilient. Trust is a bedrock for collective problem-solving and a healthy functioning of democratic representation. Accountability derives from and reinforces that trust – be that for accountability for actions to address today’s pressing global challenges, such as the climate emergency, or assuring effective local service delivery. Inclusion in terms of both processes (how decisions are made and who is included in that process) and outcomes (how resources are distributed and shared across society) delivers more sustainable and equitable development. 

Of course, transparency is still vitally important and TAI members continue to support organizations promoting transparency at local, regional, and global levels. However, over a decade of learning has helped to highlight that transparency on its own is insufficient to achieve accountability, for example, but is an enabler of outcomes that we wish to see in the world.

Finally, the last element of our new brand “collaborative” is important in more accurately conveying TAI’s role as a platform for funder learning and action as opposed to a field initiative.

"As a donor collaborative, 'Trust, Accountability, and Inclusion'  (TAI) is an enduring name that speaks to a shared vision. It allows us to lead with the power of our philosophy rather than of the purse. I look forward to more life-impacting work together". Amina Salihu, MacArthur Foundation

The Road Ahead

As the Trust, Accountability and Inclusion Collaborative, we are energized and inspired by this rebranding. We look forward to continuing our essential work with our members and partners. We invite other funders to join us on this exciting journey toward a more just, equitable, and democratic world.


TAI members are the Chandler Foundation, Ford Foundation, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, Luminate, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the Skoll Foundation, the United Kingdom Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office, and United States Agency for International Development.


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