Funder Call On Experiences Funding Locally Led Initiatives And Intermediaries

By TAI (Role at TAI)

Next Wednesday, 12 April, 8AM PDT, 11AM EDT, 5PM CEST we will be hosting a funder call on experiences funding locally led initiatives and intermediaries.

The Transparency and Accountability Initiative is happy to invite you to a conversation with Pur-Ple on how funders can better support locally-led initiatives. Pur-Ple conducted a scoping review on the topic and will share insights with participants and discuss concrete action that can be taken.  

“Localization” (the need to fund better and more locally-led initiatives) has become part of the vocabulary of funders and a topic of numerous articles and discussions. However, translating localization into practice is not without challenges. Modifying the way in which capital (economic, human, technical, scientific, cultural) is transferred to partners on the ground, requires funders to recognize and change inherited structures and dynamics. This process is complex because it requires transformations at the level of power relations and systems. For those funding on democracy, rights, governance, it is common to talk about power and systems change in terms of funded programming, but perhaps less so in terms of the funder’s own role and context.  

What tools exist to initiate or deepen this transformation? What are the specific barriers we experience and actions to overcome them? How can funders change the way they fund locally and how can they support partners and intermediary funders to do things differently?  

Constanza Argentieri and Marta Patallo co-founders of Pur-Ple will talk about their main findings and questions and Toyin Akinniyi, Director of Africa at the Luminate Group and Ousseynou Ngom, Program Officer of Gender Equity and Governance at the Hewlett Foundation will share their practical experiences in localizing funding.    

We will then transition to Q&A and an open discussion. Please bring with you examples of what works and what it means in practice for you to fund locally.  

Stay tuned for the details of this conversation.

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