TPA Full Disclosure: Tomás Chang Pico on grantmaking — “Let communities take the lead”

By TAI (Role at TAI)

After a failed attempt to become a strong corporate lawyer, Tomás Chang Pico firmly decided to make a career out of his true passion: building a better world free from poverty, inequality, and all forms of discrimination.   Now, he works as a Programme Officer for the Built Environment Programme at the Laudes Foundation.

Previously, he served as the portfolio manager of the Voice-funded multi-country (or global) projects (backed by TAI members) to strengthen the influencing capacity of civil society organizations and representatives of so-far marginalized groups to increase their (political) participation in mainstream development processes.

Prior to taking on his new role, we spoke with Tomás on the lessons from the Voice-backed project, his experience as a trained lawyer-turn program manager and the intersection between both fields, and how funders and program managers can keep ensuring inclusive grantmaking in the constantly shifting civic space.

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