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The world’s ten fastest-growing cities are all in Africa, and soon, more than half of all Africans will live in cities. What are the implications for urban governance and participation in decision-making? Lena Guthiel explains.

Bright Simons highlights that while global development efforts have succeeded in securing greater pledges and allocations of development finance, significant governance barriers at the domestic level hinder the effective flow of funds. 

As Nancy Lee explains, the Impact Disclosure Taskforce has developed a new Guidance aiming to help issuers and investors establish credible frameworks for measuring and reporting the impact of sustainability-focused private investments.

Tom Keatinge assesses efforts to combat modern kleptocracy since the invasion of Ukraine and highlights increased sanctions against Russia by Ukraine's allies, leading to more designations of individuals and entities. 

New research in the United States suggests that the term ESG is damaged beyond repair, but that people aren’t against responsible business action - it’s all about getting the narrative right.

Lola Janecky highlights how disinformation exacerbates social divisions and undermines government's ability to safeguard public and provide essential services. Janecky proposes that the international open government community can play a pivotal role in combatting disinformation by embracing principles, such as transparency, civic participation, and public accountability. 

Thom Townsend highlights a positive step forward in the fight to anonymous shell companies, as a European Union court ruling offers the prospect of standardized and interoperable beneficial ownership information. 

Essential Watching

Watch the US Institute for Peace panel on Crossing Africa’s Debt Impasse & Future for Democratic Governance in Africa.


HEWLETT FOUNDATION: is delighted to welcome a new Program Officer in the Inclusive Governance team.Tendisai Chigwedere joins from TrustAfrica, where she played a pivotal role in supporting intersectional social movements across the African continent. 

LUMINATE: The Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development has received funding support to establish an inclusive Artificial Intelligence (AI) collective in Nigeria. Involving Lagos Business School and Data Science Nigeria, the project aims to ensure that AI in Nigeria is designed, developed and deployed in a safe, responsible and ethical manner. 

TAI Secretariat: Join our series of learning webinars on democratic innovations!  What are the key challenges and opportunities for innovations in democracy? What new approaches and programs pushing the frontiers of participatory and deliberative democracy? Together with the Open Government Partnership (OGP) and People Powered, this series ofLearning Webinars on Innovations in Democracy will feature lessons, best practices, and calls to action from democracy experts and practitioners around the globe.  


The Hlanganisa Community Fund for Social and Gender Justice is inviting proposals for small grants for those fostering active citizenry and social accountability at grassroots levels in South Africa. See more funding opportunities under our Calls section.

The 'Unlocking Philanthropy’s Potential' project, funded by the European Union, aims to overcome barriers like high taxation and restrictions on foreign funding that hamper philanthropy in various countries.

Surabi Menon and Saliem Fakir reflect on how philanthropy can support low-carbon climate solutions without hindering development, urging a multifaceted approach that accounts for economic, social, political, and technical considerations.

Duncan Green reflects on twenty years at Oxfam with insights that will resonate for those pursuing localization and rethinking the role of INGOs.


A team of 18 journalists from Ojo Público's Cross-Border Investigative Network —and its partners — reveals that between 2014 and 2023 five Andean-Amazon countries exported at least 3,089 tons of high-purity gold of unknown origin. Companies from India and the United Arab Emirates use companies and representatives investigated or with links to illegal mining as gold suppliers.


The Global Tax Reckoning: Are We Witnessing the New Era of Cooperation and Equity?

As the world grapples with the challenges of wealth inequality, tax evasion, and the need for a more equitable global tax system, a new ad hoc committee begins negotiationpresent a pivotal os in New York this week to shape a UN convention on tax. Sergio Chapparo-Hernandez argues that member states must seize this moment to craft a comprehensive framework that promotes transparency, cooperation, and fair taxation across borders. The decisions made in the coming months will shape the future of global tax cooperation and have far-reaching implications for economic justice and sustainable development.

Tax reform was one prominent theme at the recent IMF/World Bank Spring Meetings (read the reflections of Michael), but the momentum continued this past week with a coalition of Finance Ministers from Germany, Brazil, Spain, and South Africa, along with renowned economist Gabriel Zucman, publicly endorsing a groundbreaking initiative: taxing the super-rich. This bold move signals a shift in the global narrative, acknowledging the need for equitable taxation to bridge the widening wealth gap.

Meanwhile, investigative journalism continue to shed light on the complex web of offshore finance and tax havens. The "Swazi Secrets" exposé delves into the role of Eswatini, the last absolute monarchy in Africa, in the regional illicit economy. Such revelations underscore the importance of transparency and international cooperation in combating tax evasion and illicit financial flows.




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