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Last week we featured the details from the OECD for how its agreement on a minimum corporate tax would work, this week they released the text of the treaty to codify the other part of the OECD-negotiated international tax deal. This should in theory make tech groups pay more tax where they do business (many contest whether it will.)

How do you balance securing the integrity of global financial systems and protecting civic space? Read the latest on this question from the conference on the Future of FATF Recommendation 8 for Financial Integrity and for Civil Society. 

Liberia launched its Beneficial Ownership Register. The register is part of Liberia’s work to promote transparency and accountability and to ensure that the benefits of its industries are shared fairly among all citizens.

Indonesia needs to go through a rapid transition to decarbonize while achieving economic resilience. This will require significant investment flows. Building integrity into the process is a must, the Climate Policy Institute argues, as good governance of financers and businesses helps to develop robust processes for delivering transparent public statements on the sustainability of their investments.

Bryan Harris highlights the scandal over land grabbing to profit from carbon credits in the Amazon in Brazil - land governance needs are clear.

Access to information is essential to good land governance so good to see the “Commentary to the Escazú Agreement on Environmental Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean” was launched in the framework of the 8th Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights. 

Check out the inaugural recipients of the Democratic Innovators of the 21st Century" Politicians' Hall of Fame, celebrating remarkable women and men who have dedicated their lives to advancing democracy around the world.

Our Michael Jarvis spoke on a panel to mark the launch of a new Governance for Action Hub focused on resource-rich countries. Here, Mario Picon explains the vision for the new program


International Network for Economic, Social & Cultural Rights has released a comic exploring the debt crisis' root causes and colonial legacies, and the intersection of the debt crisis with the care and climate crises.



MacArthur Foundation: John Palfrey has led this $8 billion foundation through a time of great change — a racial reckoning, the rise of trust-based philanthropy, and program shifts at MacArthur. Inside Philanthropy takes stock of how Palfrey’s done so far, and what’s next.


Open Society-U.S. Executive Director Laleh Ispahani learned early on how fragile democracies are. Now, she says, it is time for all of us to build a stronger, more inclusive democracy. Also, this policy paper time for the IMF World Bank Annual Meetings proposes some valuable steps on how to make progress making decisions on the global financial system. 


Launches its first Global South network to strengthen the digital resilience of civil society. With $15 million in seed funding, the network supports 10 Global South-led organizations that provide technical advice to civil society in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East.


Foundation: The Packard Foundation announces it will deepen investment in leaders and organizations working toward a thriving civic space. 


Their grantee partner International Association for Feminist Economics celebrates Dr. Claudia Goldin's remarkable achievement – winning the 2023 Nobel Prize for Economics. Her groundbreaking work on gender and the labor market has not only transformed economics but also rewritten history. 


TAI´s Eszter Filippinyi talks with Eve Nagel, Senior Project Manager on Inequality, Global Issues at the Robert Bosch Stiftung on the foundation’s journey towards addressing inequalities by making changes in grant-making and operational systems.

This new publication “Understanding the pathology of large INGOSs” digs deeper into the primary factors influencing the difficulties within big international non-profit organizations. It provides context, analysis, and  sound recommendations to CEOs/EDs and boards.

Imagine a just and sustainable future where Human Dignity flourishes! Porticus is launching a series for a just and sustainable future - in the coming 8 weeks, thought leaders in various fields will unveil what dignity means to them and their work. 

 FRIDA, The Young Feminist Fund, has put together a link full of amazing resources on healing justice and the importance of indigenous and community knowledge of wellness.



Ajoy Datta talks to Tosca about decolonizing the think tank world, including the “glass cliff” facing more diverse leaders and what to do about it.


Latest Information and platform accountability endeavors

TAI has been following ongoing efforts to address the evolving challenges of the information ecosystem. Today we highlight three interesting efforts toward addressing the changing landscape of our digital society: gender inclusion, local news coverage, and platform accountability.

The Association for Progressive Communications and partners have jointly developed a set of 10 feminist principles for including gender in the Global Digital Compact - a United Nations-led process that aims to formulate shared principles for “an open, free and secure digital future for all.” 

Clark Merrefield explores the associations between local news coverage and criminal corruption charges brought against public officials. The authors find prosecutions for public corruption are more likely in US communities served by a nonprofit news outlet, a relatively new business model that often aims to fill the void left by shuttered traditional local newspapers.

 Turning to the big social media platforms that have so undermined traditional media outlets, Cesar Manso Sayao recaps takeaways on discussions on leveraging strategic litigation in holding Big Tech platforms accountable for societal harms.  The insights come from event made possible with the support of Luminate Strategic Initiatives and the hospitality of Espai Societat Oberta in Barcelona.



Vincent Bevins’ new book, “If We Burn,” asks why a decade of mass mobilizations led to the “opposite” of what the streets demanded. 


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Global Philanthropy Forum, San Francisco, October 17-19

Trust Conference 2023- TrustLaw, October 19, 2023 08:00 AM - October 20, 2023 09:00 PM

Global Democracy Champions Summit- October 24 - 26, 2023  

Launch of the Financial Accountability and Corporate Transparency (FACT)

Coalition’s new report
, October 26, 2023 from 12:00-1:30pm EDT

Othering and Belonging Conference, Berlin, October 26-27

EDGE 2023 Annual Conference -"Funding Boldly: Systemic Change and Alternatives", Berlin, October 18-20

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#ShiftThePower Summit, Bogota, 5-7 December

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