Riding the Curve – Funder Collaboration in a Pandemic Year

By TAI (Role at TAI)

TAI Annual Report 2020

As detailed in this report, transparency and accountability needs gained new poignancy amid struggles to contain the pandemic and its devastating effects. So, perhaps no surprise that Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI) hosted more conversations than ever before. Our members used the TAI community to compare notes on how best to help grantees navigate the pandemic, make sense of developments, reflect on their own roles, and find ways to leverage strained resources.

TAI’s new strategy — launched just as the pandemic took hold — was immediately stress tested. Thankfully, its flexibility and focus on function — not theme — meant it held up well.

The space for collective thinking and action will be all the more necessary in 2021, whether you care about equitable vaccine roll-out, addressing a yawning trust gap, or accountable use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It remains a privilege to work with this group of funders committed to tackling such concerns.



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