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TAI Weekly|Integrity for future Ukrainian reconstruction

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Last week’s Ukraine Recovery Conference saw some encouraging signs of an emphasis on good governance in sustained support as detailed by Josh Rudophy and Norm Eisen. Pair with this stocktake of recent progress in strengthening Ukraine's anti-corruption ecosystem.

There was a fascinating meeting on driving dirty money out of the UK last month - read the report that’s now out.

Alex Howard offers six ways the United States can lead by example on open government.

Insights from helping social justice leaders implement responsible data, including celebrating the “tiny victories.”

Journalists, media outlets and press freedom organizations have signed an open letter to the European Commission demanding action against the abusive practices of reputation management companies towards journalists and access to information.

Rethinking democratic backsliding: How the global rise of authoritarianism is misunderstood, and why it matters.

Cesar Gamboa presents his analysis on the question of where democracy and the economic model are heading in Peru and their impact on extractive resources. (ARTICLE IN SPANISH).

ICYMI: A Guide for developing countries on how to understand and adapt to the global minimum tax.


Amid last week’s Macron summit pushing for a new global financing pact, Blair Glencorse and Sanjeeta Pant emphazed the need for green accountability to drive more equitable climate finance, while Creon Butler reflected on the importance of limiting corruption risks in the huge sums flowing to climate responses. Let’s hope these can be built into follow ups to the tentative agreements in Paris.


See our latest co-authored blog summarizing the top five takeaways from our co-hosted roundtable on “Better procurement for climate action.”


Leslie Tsai highlights the need to ensure that people living in green mineral-rich, cash-poor countries avoid the resource curse and succeed in utilizing mining proceeds to lift their countries out of poverty.


President John Palfrey discusses MacArthur's strategy for exploring new work as they start to sunset their initial Big Bets (time-limited investments to find solutions to era-defining challenges.)


Inconspicuously and incrementally, polarization can come to threaten our most prized institutions and freedoms. Hilary Pennington and Mark Freeman discuss the latest report from Ford’s Global Initiative on Polarization with the Institute for Integrated Transitions.


Yanina Welp and Franco Delle Donne conduct the podcast program “The thousand faces of Populism”. Listen to the newest episode (in Spanish) discussing whether voters of populist leaders have specific characteristics in relation to the rest of the electorate.


The Grassroots Solidarity Revolution consulted 140 grassroots activists who shared the challenges they face in accessing support from donors and allies and what they need to feel truly supported in their work.

Lisa Pilar Cowan urges donors to resist the attraction of shiny new things.

Five things that grassroots activists want donors and allies to know.


We live in an era of weak presidencies, especially in South America. Many of them lack parliamentary majorities and have low popularity, amid scandals and political confrontations. Does democracy win or lose? (in Spanish)


Why social movements must innovate? 


Mai Hassan asks, “How do you organize when organizing makes it easier for the regime to engage in repression?” An on-the-ground study of Sudan might offer answers, showing how protestors have kept their tactics evolving in the face of oppressive rulers. 

What types of resources do popular organizations draw upon? What are the (sometimes depoliticizing) effects of money on such movements? What does the imposed funder focus on short-term deliverables do to social change processes of social movements?

These are some of the critical questions addressed in a new research study, Foregrounding Social Movement Voices: Popular Organizing and Philanthropic Funding in Asia and the Pacific.



Job postings at Hewlett Foundation - ONGOING

Job postings at MacArthur Foundation - ONGOING

Job postings at Open Society Foundations - ONGOING

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Chief of Staff, Accountability Lab

Program Officer, Civil Society and Leadership- David and Lucile Packard Foundation 

Head of U.S., Open Contracting Partnership

Strategic litigation officer- Open Society Foundations


Open call -Multitudes Foundation: The “Ideation Grants” are designed to support individuals and initiatives who want to explore and test new solutions to reimagine politics. Apply by 31 July.

People Powered Accelerator - Create democratic solutions for climate and digital challenges. Closes July 15th.

Call for expressions of interest for new local members interested in joining OGP. Applications open September 6.

Grant applications- the Ecosystem Grants Programme of European AI & Society Fund. Apply by July 31.


The Leveraging Transparency to Reduce Corruption “reflection” webinar; Tuesday, June 27 · 8 - 10am EDT.

Report launch: Financial secrets and shell companies: Evidence for anticorruption companies, Tuesday June 27, 5.00 PM

Anticorruption for Development (AC4D) Global Forum: Restoring Trust, World Bank, June 26-27, 2023 - Washington DC

Conference on the future of AI – and what this means for (countering) disinformation, June 29, Brussels, Belgium

Lifting the Southern Voice with Hispanics in Philanthropy - July 27, 11AM PT / 2PM ET

Festival de Datos, 7–9 November, 2023  |  Punta del Este, Uruguay

2023 #ShiftThePower Summit, Bogota, Colombia, December 2023

WINGS Forum 2023, October 3-5, 2023, Nairobi

EDGE Funders Annual Conference “Funding Boldly: Systemic Change and Alternatives,” 18-20 October 2023

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